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Plant a Tree

We love Trees.

Like you, we have watched trees cut down to expand roads, build new homes, office buildings and more shopping centers… and every time this happens we feel like a piece of Utah goes with it.  That tree, that’s decades old, that filters our crappy air, that beautifies our landscape and provides us shade in the summer, is gone for good.  But… we found ways to help and decided to use our resources and the Utah Is Rad™ community to make a difference.

At the time of checkout on you can opt-in to plant a tree for just a $2.00 donation. Utah Is Rad™ will subsidize the remaining costs and coordinate for your tree to be planted right here in Utah.  To enhance tree-planting opportunities we will also create special collections and collaborate with other partners and brands to put more trees in the ground. We refer to this concept simply as…

Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree

We have partnered with the Non-profit 501(c)3 Tree Utah to coordinate tree plantings with proceeds from your Utah Is Rad™ gear purchases. The tree purchased because or your order is planted locally and you are invited to join the tree planting parties.

So the first time and every time you put on your Utah Is Rad™ Tee, sweatshirt or hat, think of the tree that you helped plant and picture it filtering our crappy air, beautifying our landscape and providing shade for generations to come.

Thank you for doing something.

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