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About us

We are you, a collaboration of people that grew up in the outdoors, that prefer being outside over a cushy office with heat and A/C, even if it has a ping pong table and casual Friday. Our fondest memories are fishing with pops, hiking with mom or riding our bikes to nearby canyons to explore. We learned to ski early and worked at the resorts just for the season pass.

Our irresponsible parents dropped us off in the mountains on Saturdays with a sack lunch - this was our playground. We jumped in icy cold lakes for fun, shot the tube, floated the Provo and got our skis and winter gear ready in August. We excitedly summited peaks in October, to see and touch the first snowfall of the season. 

And now… we still do these things.

We are 90 percenters, we love too many things to be an expert at any one thing.  We sometimes take our Strava times serious, but give us a plastic sled and a headlamp and we’ll hike and race down mountains at midnight, laughing the entire time.  We’re also adults who act like children.

We opt for the window seat.

We leave no trace.  We leave a campsite better than we found it and we teach our kids to do the same.  We do what we can to help where we can. We organize trail cleanups and we plant a tree in Utah for every item we sell.

We love outdoor recreation, we feel being in nature can calm a worried mind and put life into perspective.  We love to stand on the tops of peaks, we love to earn our turns, our gear stash is worth more than our cars and that’s fine with us. 

We appreciate all the talented local artists and photographers in the UtahIsRad community who can instantly transport us from an office desk to the Southern Utah backcountry and keep us inspired.

Like we said, we are you, different but same.  We love the Utah outdoor community and we appreciate your support…790,000 tags and growing.  We will do our best to provide value to the community, our thousands of followers and organizations that enhance the outdoor experience in this great state.

Team - @UtahIsRad